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Labour Law I Uber

The French Supreme Court has decided to reclassify the contractual relationship bet-ween Uber and a driver as an employment contract.

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Employment NewsEmployment News

Labour Law I Contract 

A transaction after a con- ventional termination is valid when it occurs after the approval and does not solve a dispute related to the termination of the emplo- yment contract.

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 Employment NewsEmployment News

Labour Law I Dismissal

When an employee has been declared permanently unfit to perform his duties by the Labor Medical Adviser, the employers must also offer temporarily vacant positions before dismissing him.

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 Debt Collection NewsDebt Collection News

 Debt I Interest

The sanction of disqua-lification of interests must be deterrent for the lender.

In other words, the loss to the lender must be significant.

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Commercial Law I Contract

Posted 3/29/2023

In a ruling handed down on 29 March 2023, the Cour de cassation held that a sale concluded by an agent who intended to defraud the third-party purchaser by not handing over the property that was the subject of the contract was nevertheless valid.
Civ. 1re, 29 March 2023, FS-B, no. 22-10.001

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