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Labour Law I Uber

The French Supreme Court has decided to reclassify the contractual relationship bet-ween Uber and a driver as an employment contract.

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Employment NewsEmployment News

Labour Law I Contract 

A transaction after a con- ventional termination is valid when it occurs after the approval and does not solve a dispute related to the termination of the emplo- yment contract.

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 Employment NewsEmployment News

Labour Law I Dismissal

When an employee has been declared permanently unfit to perform his duties by the Labor Medical Adviser, the employers must also offer temporarily vacant positions before dismissing him.

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 Debt Collection NewsDebt Collection News

 Debt I Interest

The sanction of disqua-lification of interests must be deterrent for the lender.

In other words, the loss to the lender must be significant.

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Commercial Law I Contract

Posted 3/15/2023

In a decision handed down on 15 March 2023, the Commercial Chamber of the French Supreme Court (Cour de cassation) has harmonised its position on the withdrawal of a promisor in unilateral promises to sell governed by the law prior to the Order of 10 February 2016 by refusing, in this case, to modulate the effects of its reversal in favour of the promisor who has withdrawn.

Com. 15 mars 2023, FB, n° 21-20.399

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